My artistic approach is more swaying than linear.

It moves, like life, from one experience to another, from a question to a discovery, from heart to the gut.

My journey is the result of what the days have placed in my hands, what nights have introduced in my dreams.

The path seems pre-traced to its tiniest convolutions. A path made of multiples because creation is for me the true goal. The need to create will translate itself into different forms: in “Night pieces” and textile creations at my beginnings, in the creative universedrama in the early stages, in workshops, courses and trainings where much comes into being and in inspiring encounters across a variety of artistic fields.

Places, full of flavours, have fed and built me. From the Opéra Bastille where I took my first steps in the professional world, to the Artistic Workshops in the city of Vannes in Soutern Brittany where I worked soon after, through to my work with the University of Namibia, my creative impulse has emerged from the wonderful locations of this earth to arrive in today’s here-now at painting.


1994-1998 National School of Decorative Arts, Paris

1992-1994 BA in Fine Arts

1991-1991 Atelier Met de Penninghen, Paris

Exhibition / Residencies / Editions :


Exhibition “In black and white” , gallery of the senses, Caen, 14

Residency at “The Spoum”, project “The Earth, my prier”, Brech’, 56

Exhibition with Fanny Pallaro, gallery “Les poissons volants”, Dolus d’Oléron, 17

Residency with Ralph Louzon, photographer, Espaces des possibles, Royan, 17

Collective exhibition “In black and with”, gallery of the senses, Caen, 14


Exhibition with Lénora Le Berre, Galerie Maison Art et Design, St Bonnet Tronçais,03

Exhibition « Terre Mère », Combrit Sainte Marine, 29

Exhibition of works realised during the résidency /400th birthday of the Citadel, Port Louis, 56

International Biennial « Pont sur l’art », Vire, 14

Exhibition « Puls’art », Le Mans, 72 / Prix Aralya

Guest of Honour at the « Salon des peintres de la mer », Agon-Coutainville, 50

Résidency 7 semaines at the Navy Museum, Citadel of Port Louis, 56


Opening of the « Galerie de l’Aube », 29 rue des juifs, Granville, 50

Exhibition Bizarre Bushwick, New Yord, USA

Résidency and exhibition at the « Fondation de la Chardière », Chantonnay, 85

Exhibition with M. Leclercq, «Gallery Les Funambules », Vannes, 56

Exhibition with F. Alloing, « Gallery Picot-Leroy », Morgat, 29

Exhibition« Le Geste des Astres », Chapel Notre-Dame-des-Anges and Forum 104, Paris 6 ème

Exhibition with CMAB and B.Carbonne, « La Galerie », Angers, 49


Exhibition « Pont sur l’art » de Vire, 50 / First Price « Various »

Résidency, créations exhibited at the Museum of Tucheng, Guizhou, Chine

Exhibition with M.Legouill, Ceramist, Granville, 50

Exhibition with D. Rose, Ceramist, Sarzeau, 56

Exhibition « Sur la route du Chamanisme », Galerie Moisan, Paris, 75

Exhibition with M. Legouill, Ceramist, Guer, 56


Competition EWAAC, « La Galleria », Londres / 2d Price of painting

Galerie Totem, Dinard, 35

Exhibition with C. Lantin, sculptor, Cancale, 35

Exhibition « Première pierre », Vannes, 56


Exhibition « Lumière de l’ombre », Séné, 56

Biennial « Le Temps des sirènes », Larmor Plage, 56

Salon « Les Hivernales », Montreuil, 93

Exhibition « Gallery de l’Os », Granville, 56