Exposition “Terres intimes” with JM Kerdilès, gallery Le 6, Morlaix

Exhibition “Mon coeur sauvage”, Domaine de l’Ocrerie, Pourrain


Painting on stage at Grain de sel, Séné

A time of improvisation in painting (Marion Le pennec), dance (Jenny Gallego) and music (Damien Fusté) sprinkled with the plastic creations of Delphine Rose and Gilles Gautier.

Exhibition Galerie Picot-Leroy, Morgat


Exhibition “Mon coeur sauvage”, Fonds de la Chardière, Chantonay


Dance performance with Aurélie Bui, Aurélie Delarue, Sidonie Fabry, Violaine Roy


Exhibition “Nos corps-monde”, galerie des bigotes, Vannes


Exhibition “Eternity” at the MamRA, Granville, France

At the Graphic Arts Cabinet of the MamRA (Museum Richard Anacréon), february- august 2020


Exhibition with Monica Mariniello, Architectural firm of François Châtillon, Ferney-Voltaire

Exhibition “Terre ciel”, galerie Tôt ou t’Art, Verdun

Exhibition with Fanny Pallaro, galery “Les poissons volants”, Dolus d’Oléron


Residency at Picotalent, Ariège / Summer 2023

I experimente my new metal structure created for big size artworks

Residencies “My wild heart”

History of “My wild heart” : 5 residencies from 2019 to 2022

Born in 2019, the project “My wild heart” is a work dedicated to the feminine and the wild, in us and in all living things.

Time in Nature and in the studio gave birth to the first imprints subsequently named “Body-world”.


Outdoor residency at Écholieu Atyoula, Losse / summer 2022


Painting session with Marine Water, Quiberon / April 2022

Photo Flor Aël Surun / https://www.instagram.com/floreaelsurun/


Residency at the Fonds de la Chardière St Jean, Chantonnay / summer 2021

An exhibition at La Chardière in the fall of 2022 presented the inks “My wild heart” for the first time.


A collaboration with the photographer-videographer Ralph Louzon in Royan / summer 2019

Photo Ralph Louzon


The first steps were taken during the

Residency at the Spoum (creation space of the Théâtre de l’Écume) in Brech / May 2019




Exhibition “Murmures de pierres” for the 400 th birthday of the Citadel, Maritime Museum, Port Louis

Works produced during the 7 weeks’s residency

From June to December

Exhibition with Lénora Le Berre, ceramist, galery Maison Art et Design, St Bonnet-Tronçais


Exhibition « Terre Mère », Combrit-Sainte-Marine

International biennial “Pont sur l’art’, Vire

Salon Puls’art du 9 au 13 mai, Le Mans // Prix Aralya


Guest of honor at  Sea painters Artfair, Agon-Coutainville


Atelier-galerie de l’Aube, Granville

Exhibition at the Fonds de la Chardière, Chantonay

Presentation of the works created during the 4-week residency in the place.

Exhibition with M. Leclercq, sculptor, « Les Funambules », Vannes

Exhibition with F. Alloing, galery Picot-Leroy, Morgat

Exposition à Morgat

Exhibition « Le Geste des Astres », Chapel Notre-Dame-des-Anges and Forum 104, Paris

Exhibition with CMAB et B.Carbonne, « La Galerie », Angers


Artfair « Pont sur l’art » Vire // First prize « Divers »


Collective exhibition, Tucheng Museum, Guizhou, Chine

Article relating the artistic residency of these 50 French artists in China:

Dossier Objectif Chine Artension 139 


Exhibition with D. Rose, Ceramist, Sarzeau

Collectiv exhibition « Sur la route du Chamanisme », Paris



Exhibition with M.Legouill, Ceramist, Guer

Exhibition “Cheminement étape 3” with Delphine Rose, Céramiste, Pen Castel, Arzon